Intelligent Image Analytics

for Drone-Based Health Checks

of Solar Fields

Get actionable analytics for your solar field based on a digital twin

Improve the performance of your solar field

Volateq creates a Digital Twin of your site and enables you to start optimizing your performance with a one-of-a-kind analysis

Gain clarity

Get a clear and concise image of the status of the site in terms of optical performance, damages and soiling

Win autonomy

Acquire data of your site whenever you want without being dependent on external experts and service providers

Save Resources

Achieve quicker measurements, less labor force and less costs with an easy to use automated software solution

Improve Performance

Get actionable results to prioritize your maintenance schedule

Increase profitability

Better field conditions and savings in resources lead to higher profits, longer lifetime and increased safety

Web-based Inspection Solution for Solar Plants

How does our solution work?

Drone inspection

Start recording data autonomously and get the information you need to determine performance of your assets

Data upload

The data is uploaded using the Volateq web app

Data processing

Our highly skilled software indicates precisely the location and severity of low performing areas


get accurate and comprehensible reports with actionable results

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