For many years our team has been active in the research and development for the solar industry.

Almost 10 years ago the paths of the three founders crossed in sunny Almería in the south of Spain, where we were working together on research projects and industrial contracts at the Plataforma Solar De Almeria (PSA).

Seeing the potential for the improvement of performance in the solar energy sector the three solar engineers founded the company Volateq in autumn 2020. We are well connected in the solar energy market, thanks to many years of activity in industry-related research at the German Aerospace Center.

Volateq makes it possible for power plants to realize autonomous and flexible condition monitoring of solar fields, which at the same time is far cheaper and quicker than the state of the art. Our product is an easy-to-use software for automated condition and soiling monitoring of CSP and PV plants.

We partner up with portfolio owners and asset managers to detect and correct anomalies that affect energy production. Our vision: To accelerate a global sustainable energy supply.

Volateq’s mission is to provide user friendly and reliable airborne condition monitoring for solar plants to improve performance, productivity, safety and cost efficiency.

The Team


Dr.-Ing. Christoph Prahl

As Co-Founder of Volateq, Christoph is constantly improving the software and works on the further development of measurement technology of our solutions. He is driven by a strong intrinsic motivation to support a sustainable solar energy supply.


Anne Schlierbach

Anne has been working in the solar industry for more than 10 years, building and operating CSP systems in Europe and the US. She has excellent technical know-how based on practical experience combined with a broad network and deep understanding of the client’s needs.


Wolfgang Reinalter

Wolfgang has 20 years of experience as a leading manager in international solar field research projects. As our CFO he also contributes his in-depth knowledge in software development in order to provide our customers with a high-performance solution.

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