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Pricing is separated into a one-time initial setup fee for each installed MWp and a subscription fee for running the analysis.
Pricing for analyses (individual thermography or soiling detection) starts with € 45,-/MWp for very small plants/portfolios and is decreasing with the size of the plant and the number of measurements. The more measurements you take the lower the price gets.

In case of new assets we first need to know a few details on where and how your plant is built to set up a digital twin in our system.
Once your asset is set up, drone flight routes will be provided directly to the controller of your drone or that of an external pilot. Flight routes are sent on demand from our web portal.
In the field, a drone pilot launches the drone according to the flight routes sent by us. This is really only one push of a button.
After the flight the pilot uploads the image data to our portal.
Our data evaluation then turns data into valuable insights within a few hours.
results are accessible in our webapp to everyone that you decide

Image processing, DLR technolgy and AI fused to a powerful easy to use tool

Log on to Volateq Web App. Find the entire history of your plant. Share results with anyone with only an e-mail address.

You’ll find access to the  Volateq Web App on the top right of our Website or directly here.

No, there is no download necessary. The Volateq Web App is a web application.
Data can also be made available offline for sites with unstable internet.

Volateq empowers you to use your own drone and drone pilots to acquire the measurement data when you need it. We support you to fly: For the setup phase however, we can either assist with the drone flights, organize adequate third party pilots or help you get ready to fly yourself.

You can use standard off-the-shelf drones. Our clients have found DJI Mavic 3T to work perfectly and easy to operate. 

Drone flights are very easy to carry out and feasible for everyone. The legal requirement is the small EU drone licence, which you can get online in about 2 hours.

Volateq prepares your flight routes; these are transferred directly to your controller. On site, all you have to do is click “go” and change the batteries of the drone and controller, if necessary.

Volateq offers many parameters that are freely selectable. In addition to the standards HCE temperatures and glass breakage we do analyse the collectors real position and can offer:

  • encoder/inclinometer offset detection

  • absorber tube bending

  • torsion to reveal bearing friction between the modules

  • module alignement

  • deviation from ideal mirror shape to untap low performing area

We do quantitative soiling ratio detection for entire solar fields. The method has been developed together with the German Aerospace Institute (DLR).

We can integrate drone-in-a-box solutions to make piloting easier for you.

You can use the Volateq Web App to have all field observations in one place, including your own pictures, observations, notes, etc.

The Volateq Solar Field Explorer is a specific functionality within the Volateq Web App. It can be used on both mobile phones or tablets and includes and offline mode.
The Volateq Solar Field Explorer was especially developed for the needs of solar field teams. It supports different roles. This tool makes it possible to pre-set observations for each component individually and provides a clear overview of the location in the field. This not only improves the accuracy of mapping among the thousands of possibilities, but also facilitates communication between field personnel and the office as well as shift changes.

Yes, the Volateq Web App has an offline mode. Start the offline mode beforehand in the office/control room with good internet. Later on, after finishing the round in the solar field, go online again and you’ll find everything synchronised.

No problem. Everything in the Volateq Web App is customisable and you can define your own components and findings.

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